1. How Does Pressure Washing Help The Environment?

    People use pressure washing for all different reasons. From clean hard surfaces like sidewalks to preparing substrates to be painted, to simply making their home or business to have a more presentable exterior, power washing is the answer. You may not know, however, that green pressure washing that …Read More

  2. Pressure Washing Can Remove Pesky Allergens

    It is not uncommon for mold and moss to grow on the outside of a commercial buildings. With weather and exposure to changing temperatures, it is not uncommon for the outsides of these buildings to begin to look worn. This is when most companies decide that they need to revamp the outside of their bu…Read More

  3. Hire CSI Cleaning to Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Home

    During the winter, your home likely accumulated a fair amount of dirt on the outside of the house. This most commonly occurs when dirty snow melts, leaving streaks and stains on the outside of your home. Seeing as how everyone who visits your home sees the outside first, it is fair to say that a fil…Read More

  4. Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Tile & Grout is a Must

    It is likely that if you own and/or operate your own commercial space that you have  tile in at least one part of the space. You may even have tile that spans the entirety of your commercial building. Regardless, there comes a time of year when you may notice that your tile is becoming dingy.  Whe…Read More

  5. Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mold Removal Company

    The process of having mold removed from your home should require some research. On the other hand, there are potential health complications that can occur should you wait too long to hire a company and therefore, while being picky, you also cannot afford to lose a lot of time. In order to help you m…Read More

  6. Our Janitorial Staff Can Be Trusted

    When it comes to hiring a commercial janitorial service for your business, there are a couple of things you should be concerned with. The first is that the work being done is worth the money you are paying for it, and the second is knowing that the staff working in your building is not only trustwor…Read More

  7. Providing A Clean Work Environment For Your Employees

    As an employer there are many things that your employees expect when they show up to work. Things like to be paid a fair and reasonable wage, to be treated kindly and with respect are just a few. But something else you employees should be able to rely on you for is providing a clean and environment …Read More

  8. When We Refinish Your Gym Floor, We Will Do It Right!

    CSI Cleaning Service has been providing top notch services to commercial businesses and schools since 2008. One of the jobs we often are asked to perform is that of refinishing a school gym floor. Over the course of many school years, gym floors see a lot of wear and tear. Between many different spo…Read More

  9. Choose The Right Company For Your Home Mold Removal

    If you have recently discovered mold in your home then you are probably trying to decide which company to hire to come in and get rid of it. There are several ways you can choose which company comes to your home. Perhaps you were recommended to professional mold removers by a friend, or may you know…Read More