When you have a tile or hardwood floor, it is usually easy to see the dirt accumulate. It might be piles of pet hair, spilled crumbs from the kitchen table, or clumps of dust. You sweep and mop accordingly, not wanting your house to be or appear dirty. When it comes to carpet cleanliness, however, we tend to sweep this issue under the rug.

Even if you vacuum weekly, your carpets actually house more dust and bacteria than any other surfaces in the home. Indeed, research on microbiology found that indoor carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Realistically, we deep-clean our carpets only after we stain them and we vacuum infrequently. If there is any home cleaning to prioritize, though, it is carpet cleaning!

In this article, CSI Cleaning Services will detail the types of bacteria and debris that accumulate on your carpet, leaving them dirty even after vacuuming. According to The Huffington Post, interior designers recommend professional carpet cleaning at least every six months to a year.

Allergen Central

The primary reason you should schedule carpet cleaning actually has more to do with allergens than harmful bacteria. Your carpet is essentially a safe house for all sorts of indoor and outdoor allergens. Carpets can be like magnets for pollen and dust. Additionally, pet hairs become woven into carpet fibers, meaning that dog and cat hair will remain stuck until a heavy-duty carpet cleaning.

Dead skin cells also shed onto carpets. Alone, this is harmless. But, an issue arises because dust mites feed primarily on dead skin cells. With carpet cleaning, you can remove the skin cells and the feasting dust particles.


We mentioned that in terms of bacteria, carpets are 4,000 times more plagued than toilet seats. Some bacteria is harmless, but think about what types of substances your shoes step on every day and then bring into your carpet. Dog poop isn’t just gross to step in, but it also breeds e. Coli and other harmful bacteria. You want to avoid exposure to this harmful bacteria, especially if you have children who crawl over the carpet.

Old Food

You know that piece of popcorn you dropped behind the couch and told yourself you would retrieve after your Netflix binge? It’s still there. Not only is old food on the carpet unclean, but it can also contribute unhealthy toxins to the air. When food breaks down, mold forms and spores surface in the air. Vacuuming can help, but professional carpet cleaning ensures that all of the hard-to-reach places are cleaned as well.

Carpet Cleaning Vineland

When you undertake your spring cleaning this year, do not avoid your carpet! While weekly vacuuming can help to deter dust mites, it is not enough to remove all of the allergens and bacteria. CSI Cleaning Services offers professional carpet cleaning services in Vineland that can help you keep your house clean and safe. Contact us today to schedule carpet cleaning for your home.