It’s almost like it happens in slow motion.

You’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series and enjoying a glass of wine after a long day at work. You reach for your glass and accidentally knock it over — and then, it’s as if you can see every molecule of the dark liquid plummeting toward your beautiful, white carpet.

You curse your clumsiness as you now have to deal with not only wasting your drink, but also cleaning up mess on the carpet.

At CSI cleaning, we’ve dealt with our fair-share of carpet stains. We compiled these tips so you know exactly what to do if a staining liquid gets on your carpet.

Step 1: Blot the spill

This is the universal first-step to cleaning up a bad spill. You want to clean as much of the liquid as you can as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the stain becomes.

You can blot with a paper towel or rag (whatever you find first, in this case). Make sure to blot up and down, instead of side-to-side, so you don’t push the stain deeper into the carpet fibers. Additionally, blot the outside of the stain first to minimize the chance of the stain spreading.

Step 2: Pour Cold Water

When it becomes increasingly difficult to blog the wine, apply cold water to the spill. Make sure it’s cold! Otherwise, hot or room-temperature water might encourage the stain to spread. Rub in the same blotting motion until the water is absorbed.

Step 3: Use a Cleaning Agent

This step of carpet cleaning has the most variation. You can use salt, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, white wine (if you can bear the thought of spilling more wine onto your carpet…), and dish soap.

At CSI Cleaning, we recommend salt because it’s usually the quickest. Unless you happen to have a vinegar solution on-hand, salt does the job just fine.

When the spill is still wet, pour the salt on the stain and let it sit for the next few hours. When the salt turns a pink-ish color (because it has absorbed the wine), get rid of the salt and vacuum the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

While this method should work, there’s a chance that the spill seeps into your carpet before you can appropriately clean it. This depends on your carpet fiber, how much you spilled, how long it took you to blot, and many other environmental factors.

If you can’t get your stain up after re-wetting and repeated cleaning attempts, you should call a professional carpet cleaning service to get your carpet steam-cleaned.

Not only will this remove the stain, but it will also deep-clean the rest of your carpets that you might have been neglecting. While the red wine is the most obvious stain, the odds are good that you also have months of pet hair, bacteria, allergens, and dust accumulated onto your carpet. If anything, the wine spill might be a wake-up call!

For professional carpet cleaning in Vineland, call the CSI Cleaning Service team. We specialize in floor restoration and we would be happy to tackle your tough-to-remove stains.

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