If you work in a hospital, school, or restaurant, you know how dangerous cross-contamination can be. We’re sure you have procedures in place to ensure that dangerous germs are not being transferred from one surface to another, but is your commercial janitorial company working as hard as you are to make sure this doesn’t happen? At CSI Cleaning Service, we know clean and we have processes in place give your business a thorough cleaning so that every surface is safe and sanitized. To give you 100 percent confidence in our janitorial services, here are some steps we take to stop cross contamination from happening in your hospital, school, or restaurant.

Commercial Janitorial VinelandUse Microfiber Cleaning Utensils

Microfiber cleaning materials are made of synthetic fibers that are great at attracting dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens. In fact, they are made to attract up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria, unlike cotton fiber utensils that only pick up 33 percent of bacteria. The remaining bacteria is simply being moved from one surface to another. CSI Cleaning Service uses wet and dry mops and cloths that are made of microfibers to give every surface the deepest clean.

Utilize a Color Coding System

When some commercial janitorial services clean, they are using the same utensil for various surfaces and spaces. Meaning that the same mop could be used to clean both the bathroom and the floor of your restaurant kitchen. Imagine all of the germs in the bathroom that are now living in your kitchen! A color coding system allows everyone on our team to know which tools are used in which spaces.

Thorough Training

To make sure that everyone on the team knows and implements the color coding system, we thoroughly train each employee to follow best practices. The key to preventing cross-contamination is ensuring that everyone is following the proper techniques and systems and to have consistent double checks in place to catch any mistakes.

We Keep Tools Separate

Another key to preventing cross-contamination is keeping everything organized and in place. The mop we use to clean the bathroom should not be placed next to the mop used to clean the kitchen. Also, every cleaning product we use is clearly labeled and properly stored to ensure that all of our tools and utensils are being used in the correct space.

Commercial Janitorial VinelandRemove Outdated Cleaning Systems and Tools

At CSI Cleaning Service, we are proud of keeping up with technology and using only the most updated tools and cleaning methods. We want you to be proud of having a clean and sanitized facility as well. To do this, we make sure that our tools are made of microfibers, we use HEPA filters on our vacuums, and every employee is fully trained on our processes.

Our commercial janitorial company knows how important it is to prevent cross-contamination in your facility. Everyone who comes into your office should be confident in the safety of the facility, and with CSI Cleaning Service, you can be confident in our services.

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