If you currently are employing a janitorial staff at your business, you may think that you have everything covered as far as cleanliness in your commercial space goes. However, it’s important you’re honest when you think about how closely you pay attention to the cleaning they do. For instance, do you simply notice that things appear to be clean but you never actually check to ensure that they are? If so, this is fairly typical. However, as a professional cleaning company that takes appearance just as seriously as cleanliness, it’s important to us that you know the difference. Continue reading below to learn just what exactly you should be looking for after your cleaning company visits your space.

Appearing Clean Is Not Necessarily Clean

Believe us, we know that your place of business appearing clean is extremely important. On the other hand, just because something appears a certain way doesn’t mean that it is actually true. Sure, you want your entryway to look nice and tidy, but when it comes to it being clean, shouldn’t it be? You should have a janitorial team working for you that knows how to go above and beyond when it comes to how they are cleaning spaces in your building like the restrooms, meeting rooms and more. Additionally, a great cleaning company will ensure that the parts of the room that are touched often by people are disinfected. These are things like door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, and sinks. This will help keep employees and visitors from being exposed to large amounts of harmful bacteria that could cause them to get sick.

Don’t Forget About Air Quality

Another reason that surface cleaning will not do your company any good has to do with air quality. When a cleaning company is only cleaning for appearance the quality of the air will likely have a negative effect on the people in the building. For instance, if your cleaning company is using old upright vacuum with cloth bags, there is a very good chance that dust and allergens are being released right back into the air every time they clean the carpets.

Hire Our Janitorial Team Instead

If you want to make sure that your commercial building is actually being cleaned, it’s time to drop your current janitors and hire the professionals who care instead. CSI Cleaning is Vineland’s best in commercial janitorial and we would love a chance to prove it you. Get a free quote today!

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