This year’s flu season is looking to be quite severe with already more than three times the number of people hospitalized for the illness. It’s no different in New Jersey. The flu is widespread according to NJ Department of Health. But don’t worry, this isn’t meant to scare you and we aren’t going to lecture you on getting the flu vaccine. What we are going to talk about is how to avoid getting sick in your office and on what surfaces germs can be found the most.

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Coffee Pot Handle

Is there a communal coffee pot that everyone grabs each morning? Do you know who is in charge of cleaning the pot? Not only should the inside of the pot be thoroughly cleaned after everyone has gotten their caffeine fix, but the outside should get a good scrub as well. The handle of the pot may have over 108 thousand CFU (colony-forming unit – used to estimate the number of bacteria or fungal cells in a sample), and to make things worse, they can be resistant to antibiotics.

Commercial Janitorial VinelandElevator Buttons

If you frequently take the elevator up to your office, it might be time to take the stairs. In a study done by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, they found that 61 percent of buttons showed microbiological growth, and toilet surfaces only had 43 percent. So before you or a customer or client push an elevator button, consider using your sleeve or a tissue to touch the surface with.


The mouse and keyboard are known surfaces that are covered in germs, but what about the desk space? If you’re at your desk during the day, you’re not only touching objects on the desk, but you’re probably resting your hands on the desk itself, causing bacteria to build up that can eventually be transferred to other surfaces — like your lunch. The good news is that with a professional commercial janitorial company, you can rest easy knowing your desk is sanitized.

Commercial Janitorial VinelandThe Kitchen Sink

This one may be another obvious germ-filled surface, but that doesn’t make it any easier for you to get a glass of water or touch the faucet. When your coworkers are piling up dirty dishes, it’s no surprise that the sink, the faucet, and the metal drain are covered in germs and bacteria.


When you need to write something down, it’s easy to reach for the nearest writing utensil, but think again before you pick up a pen that isn’t yours. A study done by NSF International found that 14 percent of pens in the home tested positive for staph. If it’s 14 percent in homes, it can’t be much better in the office where people are constantly sharing.

While CSI Cleaning Service can’t sanitize each pen laying around the office, awareness can go a long way in protecting yourself and coworkers from getting sick. Be sure that you are thoroughly washing your hands after using the restroom, use a tissue to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and don’t assume that surfaces close to your, like your desk, are clean.

Commercial Janitorial Vineland

For a professional and reliable clean in your office, give our commercial janitorial company a call today. Along with commercial janitorial work, we can also offer you pressure washing for the outside of your building, floor restoration to give customers or clients a great first impression, and softwashing for a gentle touch.

Above all, we can assure you that we’ll leave you, your office, and your employees safe and healthy.