Soft washing has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Many pressure washing contractors say that they can soft wash, but the truth is most do not really understand what the system is.  We were one of them until we got trained and bought the proper equipment which is very different from power washers used by most in the washing industry.  Soft washing was developed and perfected in FL, where there is an abundance of mold growth.  We have exported the system to NJ and find great value in being able to kill mold and clean efficiently without damaging any of the surfaces we are washing. The biggest benefit is that soft washing will leave a fungicidal residue on the surface preventing mold and mildew from growing for years.

You Must Remove the Mold and Mildew Without Damaging The Plants

One of the biggest struggles when doing a soft wash project is getting the house or commercial building clean and removing all the mold and mildew without damaging the plants around the building.  We have perfected the system of soft washing and want to share some of our trade secrets with you.

When doing a soft wash on any commercial building or house,  it is very important to keep the plants plenty wet with fresh water to keep them hydrated and flushed.  We will typically have two guys on any soft wash job; one guy who is responsible for the soft wash solution to clean the house, and the second guy is responsible for the fresh water to rinse the plants. While the soft wash guy is setting up the equipment, it is good practice for the other guy to go ahead of the soft wash guy and begin watering the plants before any of the soft wash solution is sprayed.  The idea of getting the plants wet beforehand is a preventative measure to make sure that none of the soft wash solution will soak into the plants.  Once the soft wash guy has passed by with the solution, it is required that the freshwater guy rinses the plants off once again.  While watering the plants with freshwater, we make sure to water the leaves, stalks, roots, and ground around the plants to ensure they are fully hydrated. These steps are 100% critical to a successful project.  

Finally, we finish by lightly spraying all the plants with ‘plant wash.’  Plant wash is a neutralizer for the soft wash solution, and a fertilizer.  This is what keeps the plants fresh, and growing full and healthy. There are about 20 formulas and blends of cleaning solutions that we use to insure proper cleaning. Appropriate amounts of residual fungicides are left on the surface to continue to kill mold and fungus for years after we are done and gone.   

No matter where in South Jersey you are, we can help you get your soft wash project done quickly and efficiently.