When it comes to hiring a commercial janitorial service for your business, there are a couple of things you should be concerned with. The first is that the work being done is worth the money you are paying for it, and the second is knowing that the staff working in your building is not only trustworthy but generally just good people.clean team

CSI Cleaning knows how important it is to feel comfortable with the people who are cleaning your business and we take our hiring process very seriously. We want employees on our team that are hard working, dedicated and share similar values to our own.  In order to ensure we have all of these qualities in those we hire, we complete the following:

  1. An Extensive Background Check
  2. Mandatory Drug Tests
  3. In Depth Interview Process

We know this may seem a bit over the top but when it comes to the trustworthiness of our clients there is no such things as playing it too safe. This way all of our customers understand the serious business model we run and can expect the high quality commercial cleaning processes from our staff on any given day.

CSI Cleaning Service offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, window washing, power washing, janitorial cleaning and much more. If you want a janitorial staff that you can trust and that will do an amazing job making your commercial space look great time after time, call CSI Cleaning today!