1. What Is (or Was) the Color of Your Sofa?

    What color was your sofa when you bought it?Brown? Or was it beige? Grey? No, you think it was blue. Tan? No, no, no, it was white. The operative word here is ‘was’. The reason why you may not be able to see the original color of your sofa or any of your other upholstered furniture …Read More

  2. Water Water Everywhere…… Ruptured Pipes

    ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is not just a song played over and over during the Holidays. This year it’s  been ringing our ears. Yes, the temperatures are supposed to be cold in the Winter, but Mother Nature has introduced us to a new low………. The P…Read More

  3. Facts About Duct Work Cleaning

    What is duct work? When does it need to be cleaned? The first question's answer is standard textbook. Duct work consists of all components or parts that make up any forced air heating and cooling systems in a home or business. The components include but are not limited to, the supply and return air…Read More

  4. From the Soles of Your Shoes to the Floors in Your Home

    Boy, you really stepped in it this time! A few examples to think about…We never really think about how literal that truly is. Does anyone ever stop and think about what they walk through on the street, in parks, in parking lots or on public floors and then track into their homes? The list is …Read More

  5. Part 1 – Causes of Mold

    Is your home mold proof? Mold is a common problem in most homes and can cause damage to property and possessions in addition to being a health hazard. The best way to protect against the growth of mold is to make sure your home or worksite is not mold-friendly. Mold is a fungus of varied species tha…Read More

  6. Part 2 – Symptoms of Mold Exposure

    Been itching your eyes? Been blowing your nose? Been fighting a cough deep in your chest? You may have a cold or the flu – but, then again – you just may be having an allergic reaction to a recent exposure to mold. If you’ve been cleaning in your damp basement, or perhaps under the kitchen sin…Read More

  7. Part 3 – Mold Prevention Primer

    Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet, came to a tragic end with the break up their romance. There was no hope for a future rendezvous. They both died. The metaphorical "romance" of Moisture and Mold must also come to an end – though not quite so tragic. There must be no hope for…Read More