When you think of “environmental pollutants,” what sorts of things come to mind?

If you’re like most people, you probably immediately thought of exhaust fumes, burning fossil fuels, plastic waste, and maybe even oil spills.

While these are certainly environmental pollutants, did you consider putting household cleaning solutions at the top of the list? Indeed, cleaning chemicals are some of the most toxic, corrosive solutions that we pour into our environment.

Luckily, though, a green cleaning trend is sweeping the nation — and CSI Cleaning Service in Vineland is excited to be a part of this “solution.”

We compiled a few ways you can make your cleaning routine more friendly. Check these ideas out today and be sure to call CSI Cleaning in Vineland for all of your soft washing and commercial cleaning needs.

1. Go Easy On The Bleach

Bleach is to household cleaning products as coal burning is to the environment — generally pretty bad. Most people already know this, but we still use bleach because we assume it’s just more effective than alternatives. Bleach acts as a disinfectant, but there are actually many other more natural disinfectants we can use.

Examples of bleach substitutes include:

  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Citric acid

Believe us, we know that sometimes there’s no alternative to a strong disinfectant. But for things like cleaning up the countertops or refrigerator, consider using these non-toxic alternatives.

2. Use Microfiber Cloths

This tip isn’t so much about the chemicals, but more about reducing the waste associated with cleaning. It can be really easy to reach for the paper towels as you clean the surfaces of your home. Switching to microfiber towels, however, reduces this waste substantially. They’re incredibly absorbent, don’t scratch, and can be used for months without needing replacement.

3. Opt For Soft Washing

Soft washing the exterior of your home might be the best way to improve your green cleaning game. Traditional pressure washing essentially douses your home with chemicals, and then washes these chemicals away only for them to seep into your plants, yard, and nearby environment. Soft washing, on the other hand, is an environmentally friendly way to clean your home’s exterior.

Rather than relying on pressure on harmful chemicals, soft washing uses an environmentally safe cleaning solution that won’t kill your plants or grass. It’s still extremely effective at eliminating the mildew that’s grown on your siding.

If you’re curious about this environmentally friendly alternative, check out our soft washing services in Vineland today!

About CSI Cleaning in Vineland

As your Top Rated Local janitorial company in Vineland and all of South Jersey, CSI Cleaning Service is committed to environmentally friendly cleaning.

Commercial and residential cleaning services include:

  • Power washing and soft washing
  • Mold removal
  • Floor restoration
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We specialize in soft washing, so be sure to contact us today to schedule this routine upkeep for your South Jersey home! We look forward to keeping your home (and our environment) in tip-top shape.