1. Uh Oh. You Spilled Red Wine On Your Carpet.

    It’s almost like it happens in slow motion. You’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series and enjoying a glass of wine after a long day at work. You reach for your glass and accidentally knock it over — and then, it’s as if you can see every molecule of the dark liquid plummeting toward…Read More

  2. Just How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

    When you have a tile or hardwood floor, it is usually easy to see the dirt accumulate. It might be piles of pet hair, spilled crumbs from the kitchen table, or clumps of dust. You sweep and mop accordingly, not wanting your house to be or appear dirty. When it comes to carpet cleanliness, however, w…Read More

  3. What Is (or Was) the Color of Your Sofa?

    What color was your sofa when you bought it?Brown? Or was it beige? Grey? No, you think it was blue. Tan? No, no, no, it was white. The operative word here is ‘was’. The reason why you may not be able to see the original color of your sofa or any of your other upholstered furniture …Read More

  4. From the Soles of Your Shoes to the Floors in Your Home

    Boy, you really stepped in it this time! A few examples to think about…We never really think about how literal that truly is. Does anyone ever stop and think about what they walk through on the street, in parks, in parking lots or on public floors and then track into their homes? The list is …Read More