Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet, came to a tragic end with the break up their romance.
There was no hope for a future rendezvous.
They both died.

The metaphorical “romance” of Moisture and Mold must also come to an end – though not quite so tragic. There must be no hope for a future rendezvous.
Both must die.

From the common dusty green to the toxic black, mold in every variety needs moisture to live and grow. Remove the presence of moisture and mold will starve. Though mold spores are ever present in the atmosphere or settled microscopically on a baseboard or shelf with the dust, if a source of moisture is not feeding it, it remains dormant. However, when moisture is present, mold proliferates damaging physical property and creating an unhealthy environment. Removing mold and mold growth from the home or workplace often requires certified professional help to reduce the risk of health hazards and thwart their destructive romance. If done incorrectly, these star-crossed lovers can renew their relationship – mold spores feeding on moisture – in as little as 24 to 48 hours!

There are some tactics you can use to prevent mold and moisture from meeting up with one another. Vigilant attention to water leaks and spills indoors is paramount. Usually, if a dampened area dries within 48 hours, mold will not develop. Check to be sure your home or workplace is sealed tight against unwanted moisture:

  • Keep foundation parameter sloped away from the house so rain water does not collect and seep into the basement.
  • Maintain indoor humidity below 60% – anywhere from 30%-50% is best. A Moisture Meter is a great tool to have on hand to measure the humidity of the environment, and can be purchased at a hardware store at a relatively low price.
  • Be sure to clean air conditioning drip pans and drain lines.
  • Keep the gutters and roof clean and well maintained.
  • Immediately dry any areas where you notice condensation in the house. This is a clue that there is high humidity. Any moisture noted on pipes, walls or window surfaces should be dried swiftly so mold spores have no chance to roost and feed on it.

Regular home maintenance can reduce the risk of mold and moisture meeting. However, should their worlds collide and spawn widespread growth, contact an expert to break up the Mold and Moisture romance safely and efficiently.

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