‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is not just a song played over and over during the Holidays. This year it’s  been ringing our ears. Yes, the temperatures are supposed to be cold in the Winter, but Mother Nature has introduced us to a new low………. The Polar Vortex.

Unfortunately, even though many people take precautions to avoid pipes freezing, many homeowners have found it to not be enough in the wrath of this extreme winter cold. And it’s wreaking havoc with their minds and, unfortunately, with their checkbooks in a very big way. Frozen ruptured pipes aren’t prejudice. They can attack us all.

When a pipe bursts, it can mean thousands of dollars in damage in just a short amount of time. To avoid this from happening, immediate action becomes crucial. This process requires trained technicians to properly extract all of the water, remove all damaged and in-salvageable drywall, flooring and property, and to completely dry out any and all affected areas. One of the greatest hazards of an improper restoration could be the growth of bacterial mold which can cause serious health problems for everyone in the home.

You may not be able to prevent that pipe from breaking during this bitter cold Winter season but you can certainly keep from making matters worse and throwing money out the window by attempting to fix everything yourself. Call a professional and have it done right. It’s worth it, in the end. A good professional can clean up the mess right and if caught in time, can help avoid the potential growth of mold spores. In turn, save you from spending money that could’ve been prevented in the first place.