What color was your sofa when you bought it?Brown? Or was it beige?

Grey? No, you think it was blue.

Tan? No, no, no, it was white.

The operative word here is ‘was’.

The reason why you may not be able to see the original color of your sofa or any of your other upholstered furniture is… BECAUSE IT’S DIRTY!!!  Dirt and oil from people, pets and the air are absorbed into furniture fabric over time causing it to lose its vibrant color, and plush feeling. But what most people don’t think about is the unseen consequences of dirty upholstery. If it’s been years since you have cleaned your furniture or perhaps (ugh!) you’ve never cleaned it, then your furniture has become a hot bed of dirt, bacteria, germs, dust mites (In case you were not aware of it, dust mites are bugs!), and, quite possibly, mold. Just think about what you are sitting on or what your children are lying on.  What is getting on your clothes, what is touching your skin or getting in your hair? It’s enough to make you run for the shower.

It’s time to think about adding something new to your Spring Cleaning list….your furniture. Cleaning your upholstered furniture every 12-18 months depending on usage will add new life to it with a fresh clean smell and a softer feel to the material. It will also make your furniture healthier for you family to use.  And yes, you will finally be able to see what the original color of that sofa was when you bought it.

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