Get Rid Of Mold For Good


Caused by an accumulation of moisture, mold is dangerous to both your family’s health and the structure of your home, as it spreads quickly, rotting wood and plaster while excreting spores which can be breathed in by anyone in the vicinity. These spores may become lodged inside the lungs and create a reaction which may make you very sick.

We hate mold, and we make it our business to protect people from it.

Mold has been infesting homes in documented cases for thousands of years, one such instance is even
in the Bible, as it states in Leviticus 14:38-47 –

“He will have the house closed for seven days.

Then he will return and check to see if the mildew has spread.

If so, he will have someone scrape the plaster from the walls, remove the filthy stones, then haul everything off and dump it in an unclean place outside the town. Afterwards the wall must be repaired with new stones and fresh plaster.

If the mildew appears a second time, the priest will come and say, ‘This house is unclean. It’s covered with mildew that can’t be removed.’

Then he will have the house torn down and every bit of wood, stone, and plaster hauled off to an unclean place outside the town.

Meanwhile, if any of you entered the house while it was closed, you will be unclean until evening. And if you either slept or ate in the house, you must wash your clothes.”

We are experts, certified in mold remediation (removal), and our innovative cleaning products and systems are some of the best (and only ones of their kind) in the industry. Our careful process has been refined over the years, ensuring that your home or business is safe while only allowing those trained and experienced in mold remediation to perform the task.

We also provide quality mold prevention services, including basement sealing, which will help protect your home from the effects of moisture. Contact us today to learn more!